Music for Adults

by Stus Rollins

Released 2010
Alien Resurrection records
Released 2010
Alien Resurrection records
Guitar inspired rock music, styles ranging from Heavy rock to Funk with Spanish Dance and Balads.
This is Stus’s debut solo album, written and produced

by him at starmaker studios in the uk. ( )

This twelve track cd portays his diverse talents

both as a musician, songwriter and music producer.

These self penned tunes offer a wide range of musical
diversity from rock through funk to pop.

His music is driven mainly by his unique approach to
the guitar and the playing on this album is hard hitting
and often breathtaking ... as he weaves metal, funk
and pop together, with spanish overtones. to create
a musical experience that caters for many different

It is easy to see that his days as a london session
player over the last 20 years have been good training
ground for this his first solo outing.

Stus Rollins has worked and played with bands and
artist such as :

Generation x
Hollywood beyond
Driving south
Nina simone
George michael
Madonna and many more.....

“ Great stuff...guitarist of the year i’d say” ( jon astley)

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